Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Daddy vs the Lifestyle of the Rich & Famous

Meron akong kwento.

Last weekend me and my wantoks (friends) got the chance to attend Royal Papua Yacht Club’s (RPYC) - That’s The Yachty Christmas Party.

Free luncheon ticket.

This is an annual event for club members/guests usually held in the beautiful island called Daugo popularly known as “Fisherman’s Island”.

 The Map.

This doesn’t mean na member ako ng sushalang club. As usual, nainvite lang ako kasi may ibang lakad ang mga original members. Tingnan mo nga naman ang swerte!

We were fetched from RPYC to Waterfront compound where the barge is docked. Yes, sa cargo barge kami sumakay.

Off to the island.

Passengers were all aboard by 9am but for some reasons we departed almost 10am. Tsk, PNG time!

The barge took us more than 2 hours before we arrived in the island. Sobrang bagal. I thought it would take us forever. Arte.

 Goodbye Port Moresby.

 Hello Refugees.

We arrived at the beach half past 1pm. Pagdating sa island walang masilungan. Ang ineeeeeet!

Tok Save (Notice): Excuse the love handles on the succeeding photos. Tenkyu tru! (Thank you very much)

Under the sun with the local village people.

Infairness naman sa organizer, they made up for their lost time. Mabilis namang naset up ang mga tents including that sound system and christmas tree behind us. Nga lang, ang pagkain huling ini-ready. Amf.

Tom jones at ihing ihi na. 
Walang portalets buti nalang malawak ang dagat.

While waiting for lunch, we decided to try PNG’s sun, sea and sand.

Buffet lunch opened past 2PM. The food is OK. What made lunch more entertaining was when Santa came. He just canoed from the South pole all-the-way to Papua New Guinea. Can you imagine how tan could he be?

Santa getting off the canoe.

 A closer look at "sun burnt" Santa.

Pagkatapos ng gift giving sa mga kids, it was announced to get ready to hop onto the barge again. Makulimlim daw kasi ang langit sa Port Moresby and it would be dangerous to travel. It was half past 3pm then. So i had my last dip in the sea. 

Underexposed picture with the local pikinini (children)

All passengers were aboard at 4pm. We waited until quarter past 5pm but the barge isn’t going anywhere. Inabutan na pala kami ng lowtide at hindi makausad ang barge. Oh my gulay, we’re stranded!

The group before "supposedly" leaving the island.

The organizer announced that high tide will be at 2:54am the following day so they will be using 4 boats and a speed boat to transport the guests back to Port Moresby. That is by group. Syempre, uunahin ang mga matatanda, mga bata at may sakit. 15 minutes lang naman daw ang byahe, so 30 minutes back and forth. Pero bakit inabot ng mahigit 2 hours ang byahe namin kanina?

And so we waited. The stranded barge in the background.

It was 30 minutes past 6pm and we’re the only group remaining on the island along with the yacht club's staff. After a couple of minutes, it started to rain and our boat or rather our speed boat arrived. It was piloted by 3 drunk Aussies by the way.

Waiting for the boat ride.

The first couple of minutes were fun. We chatted and took some pictures with our new mates.

 With drunk Aussie number 1. 
Drunk Aussie number 2 took the picture.

With the Aussie pilot. 

Then the rain started pouring heavily and the waves became bigger. “We need counterweights! We need you guys to move and sit on the tip of the speedboat!”, shouted Aussies.

Seryoso? Stuntmen ang peg?

Me and two of my male friends hesitantly crawled towards the tip of the speed boat with an acceleration I’ve only seen on action movies. Lumilipad kami!

The speed boat is literally trying to throw us out in the open sea. With no life vests on, we gripped for our lives and prayed while shouting back at the Aussies to slow down. We crawled back to safety when the waves became calmer and the speedboat more stable. We arrived back in the city past 7pm thanking God we are still alive.

Only 15 more days before Merry Christmas!

Going local.